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Discover Customer Needs




Based on the HMW questions from Session 1, identify customers' demands by observing the in-store environment and customer behavior, and interviewing target customers, to generate possible solution direction.

Observation(on-site recording), Interview(one-on-one in person), Information Synthesis

Future Solution Direction

As a professional denim producer, Levi's needs to offer clearer guidance and customized services to help existing customers find the perfectly fitted jeans, while creating interactive equipment and activities to attract new customers.

Project Flow

 In-store Observation


Customer Interviews


Main Findings


Information Synthesis

Future Solution Direction

01 In-store Observation

Observation Info


Observation Process (Video Recording)


Most of Levi's retail customers are around 26-45 years old, showing some gaps compared to their initial target "offer jeans for people of all age and all figures".

Most Levi's retail customers only visit the entrance area of the store, while the retail stores' highlights are mostly displayed in the central area. Levi's retail stores contain non-effective functions and lack attractions to retain customers.

02 10 Customer Interviews

Interview Info


Interview Record


Findings 3, 4, & 5

Customers have unfulfilled needs for a pair of perfect-fitted jeans

Customers want more introduction and guidance when purchasing jeans in-store.

Customers are not yet aware of Levi's practice in Denim Sustainability

03 Information Synthesis


- Outcome -

Future Solution Direction(Conclusion)

Levi's is a professional, historical denim producer capable of offering various sustainable denim jeans in various sizes and styles to fulfill their customers' needs. However, they have inadequate introductions and customized jeans services to help their customers to find the perfectly fitted jeans. And they lack in-store highlights to retain customers and attract more young customers.


Therefore, Levi's might need more visualized in-store guidance and new DIY services with interactive equipment to function as an in-store highlight and fulfill their customer's needs. This renovation can also become a new performance for Levi's professionals, making them unique again compared to competitors.

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