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From Idea to Tangible Solution



Turn the solution direction from Session 2 into a tangible solution(spatial solution), by prototype and iteration.

Interior Conceptual Design, Prototyping, Modeling, 3D rendering...(space design skillset)


A Levi's retail space renovation design plan

Project Flow

Body Figure & Jeans Analysis

Levi's Retail Store Analysis

Spatial Concept Design, Simulation & Iteration

Digital & Physical Rendering

3D Rendering, Final Solution

01 Body Figure & Jeans Analysis


02 Levi's Retail Store Analysis


03 Spatial Concept Design, Simulation, and Iteration


Outcome - Final Retail Renovation Design Plan

  • Age gaps between initial target customers and in-store customers, failed to attract young customer

  • Dispersed in-store customers' circulation, hard to retain customers

  • Inadequate service to help customers find the perfect fitted jeans

  • Lack of in-store guidance for customers to identify different types of jeans

  • Weak displays to show Levi's practice in denim sustainability

  • Build unique highlight to attract young customers

  • Set one-way in-store circulation to retain customers

  • Offer body measurement machine and provide DIY services to fulfill the need for perfect jeans

  • Offer interactive introduction and guidance to help customers find the perfect jeans

  • Display Levi’s sustainable production to increase awareness

Design Layout & Description

3D Rendering & Further Description


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