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Test & Share




1. Create a testing system for Levi's to gather customer feedback and make necessary adjustments accordingly if the renovation landed in reality;

2. Create a communication(social media marketing) strategy for Levi's to generate rapid awareness after the renovation.

Testing System Design, Experience Design, UI/UX Design, Social Media Marketing Research, Communication Strategy Design

Offline Testing Feedback, Digital Testing System Structure & Interface Design, Communication Strategy Design

Project Flow

In-person Testing

Testing System User Research & Journey Design

Testing System Construction & Interface Design


(Social Media Marketing) Research

Communication Strategy


01 In-person Testing

On-site Record



  • Some in-store details might be missed without a direct guide

  • The practicality of the cabinet screens is doubtful

  • The construction cost might be a little bit high for such a retail store

  • Will the store become hard to maintain?

02 Digital Testing System Research & Journey Design

Stakeholder Map


User Journey Map

Detailed Testing Points

03 - Outcome 1 -

Digital Testing System Construction & Interface Design

Testing System Structure


Interface Design

04 Communication (Social Media Marketing) Research

05 - Outcome 2 -

Communication Strategy Design

KOL & KOC Selection

KOL(Tier1 - 500k Followers): 10

KOC(Tier3 - 50k Followers): 500

Content Design

Post Theme: "buy a perfect pair of jeans at Levi's"

Post Features: Title & Text, Store's Functions & Highlights Introduction, Opening Time, Address, 9 Related Photos

KOL: 50kRMB/post, 10 KOLs in total

KOC: a jeans(600RMB)/post, 500 KOCs in total
Overall Cost: 800k RMB

Budget Setting

Results Measurement

  • Exposure and reading rate

  • Interaction rate (likes & favorites)

  • Customer engagement

  • Sales volume and offline flow

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