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Interrupting Pompeii

Museum Architecture Design | Conceptual Design | Mar, 2022



"How might we create a museum architecture space in accordance with the concept 'Interruption' ?"

A disaster experience in an earth-sheltered architecture located in Pompeii, Italy, with a series of branding and communication graphic material designs.

Project Concept

When human society develops to a certain level, people always arrogantly consider that they can resist all disasters with those cutting-edge technologies, thus ignore the warnings of nature. Ultimately, however, these civilizations were mostly likely to be wiped out by natural disasters, just like the well-known history of Pompeii.

Nowadays, plagues, tsunamis, earthquakes, wars... Many of these inevitable  disasters are attacking our society. Aren't these reminders from nature to the humans of our era? We should stop fighting against nature with our technologies. 


This is an architecture & experience design plan, combining with a series of branding and graphic material designs. It aims to create and utilize a disaster experience to give people a warning, interrupting their illusion that "humans can be against nature". The disaster experience is built within an earth-sheltered architecture located next to the ancient Pompeii, Italy. Combining history with reality, we hope that society will develop more in accordance with the laws of nature and prolong the history of this era.

Project Team

Team of Two:
Crystal Chen, Zi Yang


My Part:

Design Research, Concept Generation, Sketching, Space Iteration, 3D Modeling / Prototyping, Visualization

Design Process

Case Study & Site Research

Concept Generation

Space Iteration

(CAD, 3D modeling)

Branding & Communication Graphic Design


Example of the Delivery

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