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Positioning Leadership

Brand Strategy Design | Partnership with Wheel the World | Mar, 2023

- This is a Brand Strategy plan based on the Organizational Change Strategy "Accessibility Leadership" - 


Create a Brand Strategy in support with the Organizational Change Strategy to help Wheel the World position themselves as the leader in the accessibility industry


Brand Positioning Strategy, Brand Statement, Brand Identity System Design, Brand Merchandizing Design

Project Brief

As an accessible travel agency, Wheel the World (known as “WTW”) has various expertises relevant to accessibility and large offerings of accessible travel options, making it a great solution for accessible travel experience. Currently, WTW wants to position itself as the leader in accessible travel. They require a global communication strategy to make society aware that accessibility is a priority and a right for all human beings. 

This is a brand strategy in support with the organizational change strategy produced in the Strategy Design session. It aims to create more up-to-date brand statement to match WTW's new position, the leadership in the accessibility industry. I also upgrades WTW's brand identity to a more inclusive figure, and create merchandise to help WTW reach more target customers.

This plan is designed based on the Organizational Change Strategy, please view  "Accessibility Leadership" if interested.

Project Team

Team of Four:
Crystal Chen, Jessica Li, Kshitij Palresha, Napasorn Kijjarouk


My Part:

Desk Research, Brand Current Landscape Research, Brand Positioning Strategy, Brand Statement, Brand Identity System Design, Visualization, Storytelling(Presentation)

Research & Design Process

Desk Research


Demographic Research


Brand Value & Core Upgrade

Brand Statement

Brand Identity System & Merchandize Design

Example of Delivery

Brand Strategy.jpg

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