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Corporate VIS System

Corporate Visual Identity System Development | Work Project | May, 2022


Help corporate (an architectural agency) develop, upgrade, and standardize their brand visual identity system


Brand Visual Identity System Design, Brand Standard Development

- This is a work project, only samples can be shown due to the confidential agreement - 

Project Brief

HARBER, is a Commercial Space Design agency based in Guangzhou, China. I devised the corporate brand strategy based on a comprehensive market, competitors, and target users research, and design, formulated, and standardized the brand visual identity system for the corporate. I also trained relevant employees to execute the standard.

I was 90% in charge to the full delivery, under the supervise of Sovia Liang, and the help of Wendy Li, Grace Huang. My responsibility includes: Organizational Analysis, System Construction, Brand Statement, Brand Visual Identity Upgrade, Brand Standard Development, Social Media Standard Development, Visualization, etc.

Project Team

Sovia Liang, Crystal Chen, Wendy Li, Grace Huang


My Part:

90% of the full delivery

Sample of the Delivery

截屏2024-01-19 上午10.00.50.png

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