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Hotel (Interior) Renovation Design | Real-life Design | Nov, 2022


"How might we help our client to achieve the biggest value of their first hotel project by renovating the space?"


An interior renovation plan which creates a shareable “retail + hotel” space without circulation disruption.

* This project was landed in 2022.

Project Concept

This project is a hotel complex consisting of a hotel and a shopping center, located in the downtown of a historical area of Guangzhou, China. While the “hotel+mall” strategy provides services to both tourism and the local community, and amplifies our client’s revenue capabilities, it also brings potential noise and traffic issues to the site. Our solution creates two entrances to separate the circulation, while utilizing “facade design techniques” and leveraging the roof lighting to transfer the hotel atrium into an urban plaza. It combines indoor and outdoor scenes with a balanced boundary, and offers an immersive experience to customers of both sides. The design draws inspiration from the iconic Lingnan culture and Cantonese flower culture.

We offered spatial design, public art installations, and comprehensive branding services to our client in this project. The project was landed in 2022.

Project Info

Project Type: Interior Design
Client: Guangzhou Wogo, Ltd

Scale: 35600 m²

Status: Landed in 2022

Project Team

Harber Chen, Sovia Liang, Locus Lv, Crystal Chen, etc


My Part:

Desk Research, Concept Generation, Strategy Design, Sketch Implementation, 3D Rendering, Discussion

Design Outcome

On-site Photo

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