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Strategy Design | Future of Cities | Partnership with Supernature Labs | May, 2023


"How might we enhance awareness of a not-yet attractive future urban concept 'Bio-planning' to scale a future city texture?"


A global movement of Bio-planning, generated by Dynamic Norms (a psychological concept) through Partnership, Certification, and Gamification

Project Brief

Our client, Supernature Labs, is a regenerative design and technology organization dedicated to transforming the current structures of the built environment. They advocate for "Bio-planning," a hexagonal supercell grid, as an alternative to the traditional cartesian grid in order to foster more sustainable cities. However, they face challenges in raising awareness to scale their concept.


Through thorough market research, stakeholder analysis, and future urban trends, we've developed an awareness-boosting strategy called "Bio-movement." This strategy is rooted in the psychological concept of Dynamic Norms, which posits that “People are more likely to join a movement when they see new behavior emerge”. We try to generate Dynamic Norms with Partnership, Certification, and Gamification, for both professional and general individuals to enhance their awareness of Bio-planning and thereby invite them to join the "Bio-movement". We also identify several easier-implement locations based on the technical requirement of the Bio-planning, to map out an global expansion plan for Supernature Labs.


This plan was presented to the client in May 2023.

Project Team

Team of Four:
Crystal Chen, Kshitij Palresha, Lethabo Moraka, Pranali Desai


My Part:

Desk Research, Stakeholder Analysis, Survey and Interview Implementation, Partnership Analysis, Bio-planning Technical Analysis, Location Map Production, Visualization, Storytelling(Presentation)

Research & Design Process

Literature Review


Survey Data Collection


Individual Interview


Information Synthesis

Prototype & Test


Research & Synthesis Process & Delivery Structure

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