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AKOMEYA Localization

Space Design, Interior Design, Retailed Store Design, Space Renovation, International Brand Localization Design

The localization design of international brands is an interesting topic to dive into in the commercial space design industry. This commercial space renovation plan chooses AKOMEYA, a rice brand from Japan, as the target, trying to build up a localization retail space for it in Guangzhou (also known as Canton), China. 


AKOMEYA spreads the concept of "treat every grain of rice with care, then you can treat life with care". Likewise, Cantonese also has an exquisite life concept "food & braise are not tired of fine". The design study of this retail space continues to uphold and spread the theme concept of "treating each grain of rice seriously to start a delicate life", dividing the enjoyment of rice food into four steps of "searching, exploring, cooking and tasting", with corresponding functional space distributed in four floors. The concept is to provide customers with an unique experience of "tasting the most exquisite rice in an exquisite environment" by taking the aesthetic symbols of the historical architecture of Guangzhou Xinhepu Historical District, which is also a symbol of "exquisite power and nobility". Presenting them in a contemporary design through colors and materials, in order to spread the attitude of exquisite life that combines the brand and the local culture of Guangzhou, and to achieve the localized expression of a foreign brand.

Apologize for only Chinese version is avaliable, English version is coming soon.

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