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Blossom of Grandbuy

Department Store (Architecture & Interior) Renovation | Real-life Design | Oct, 2020



"How might we maximize an old department store's value by reconnecting two buildings as a whole and upgrading the customer experience?"

A Facade & Interior Design plan which reconnect and upgrade the retail experience by optimizing the building circulation, customer accessibility, and visual identity.

* This project was landed in 2020.

Project Concept

This is a real-life Retail Experience Renovation project. Our client, Guangzhou Grandbuy Department Store, is a long-established local department store located at the core of a national pedestrian street in Guangzhou, one of the biggest cities in China. The department store consists of two buildings constructed in different time, which divides the whole department store with a misplaced connection in between. The misalignment connection led to a poor Customer Experience Management and Guidance System, and eventually impaired their income. After observing customer behavior, we upgarded the retail experience by optimizing the building circulation, customer accessibility, and visual identity. We reconnected the two buildings as a whole in both spatial side and business side.


After the renovation, the total sales exceeded 32.5 million RMB on the reopening day, which reach the highest peak of the whole year. The cosmetics floor doubled its sales and successfully introduced the first GUCCI beauty counter of Guangzhou in-store.

Project Info

Project Type: Facade & Interior Design

Client: Guangzhou Grandbuy Group

Scale: 66300 m²

Status: Landed in 2020

Project Team

Harber Chen, Sovia Liang, Locus Lv, Crystal Chen, etc


My Part:

Desk Research, Strategy Design, Sketch Implementation, 3D Rendering, Discussion

Design Outcome

After Renovation

Before Renovation

Design Achievement


During the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, Guangzhou Grandbuy General Department Store has completed the renovation both indoor and outdoor.

After the renovation, Grandbuy achieved total sales of over 32.5 million RMB on the reopening day of Sep 26, 2020, which was the highest peak in single-day sales of the year. The annual sales scale of the cosmetics category of the whole department store branch has reached 500 million RMB.


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