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Boosting Leadership

Strategy & Brand Design | Platform Upgrade | Partnership with Wheel the World | Mar, 2023


"How might we position Wheel the World as the leader in the accessibility industry to enhance their awareness?"


An Organizational Change Strategy with an Expert Department to shape Wheel the World as the pioneer of the industry. 

- This Strategy has a deriving Brand Strategy Plan, please move to "Positioning Leadership" if interested - 

Project Brief

As an accessible travel agency, Wheel the World (known as “WTW”) has various expertises relevant to accessibility and large offerings of accessible travel options, making it a great solution for accessible travel experience. Currently, WTW wants to position itself as the leader in accessible travel. They require a global communication strategy to make society aware that accessibility is a priority and a right for all human beings. How can WTW position itself within the US and around the world at the forefront of thought leadership and change? 

This is a comprehensive strategy design plan for the mentioned challenge. While developing a corporate strategy, Vision & Goal (Mental Model), Organizational Change, Service & Products, User Experience and Visual Identity are five layers in a pyramid model(refer to the following chart) which a Design Strategist should consider. This project mainly tackle the Organizational Change and User Experience layers in the pyramid model. After making various analyses, It plans to set up an Expert Department within WTW to offer various professional guidelines, training programs and ranking criterions in the accessibility industry. It also plans to upgrade WTW's brand to a more inclusive figure and create merchandise to help WTW reach more target consumers. These actions would emphasize the professional WTW’s status and enhance its authority, helping them to build their leadership in accessible travel and pave the way for their future cooperation with various partners. 

Project Team

Team of Four:
Crystal Chen, Jessica Li, Kshitij Palresha, Napasorn Kijjarouk


My Part:

Desk Research, Stakeholder Analysis, Survey and Interview Implementation, Partnership Analysis, Organizational Structure Analysis, Organizational Change Strategy, System Construction, Visualization, Storytelling(Presentation)

Research & Design Process

Desk Research


Focus Group Observation


Individual Interview


Information Synthesis

Prototype & Test


Research Process & Example of Strategy Delivery

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