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Innovation Facilitator

Workplace Experience for Innovation Equity | Partnership with Gensler | May, 2023



"How might we facilitate Asian employee's ability of innovation in terms of their differences derived from culture, by designing possible project-based activities?"


* This project is derived from Gensler's Culture of Innovation Diagnostic, and Culture of Inclusion Framework

A project-based card game experience designing based on Asian Psychology to guide them better innovate and thereby facilitate innovation equity in design workplace.


* This works as a complementary solution with Gensler's framework

Project Brief

Gensler extensively researched various frameworks to assist companies in shaping their workplace culture, emphasizing the significance of methodologies and organizational structure. However, this project highlights the insufficient consideration of Human Psychology influenced by culture (ethnicity) when implementing innovation frameworks in a corporate design setting. Focusing primarily on Asian psychology, this project introduces a project-based card game experience to enhance Asian innovation capabilities, thereby fostering innovation within design companies. It complements Gensler's framework.


This project was presented during the partnership studio with Gensler during Jan-May, 2023, where we tested the Culture of Inclusion and Culture of Innovation frameworks.

Project Team

Team of Two:
Crystal Chen, Hiroki Komine


My Part:

Research & Design System Construction, Desk Research, Interview, Information Synthesis, Gamification Production, Visualization, Presentation

Research & Design Process

Literature Review


Survey Data Collection


Individual Interview


Information Synthesis

Prototype & Test


Synthesis Process & Example of Final Delivery

Final Presentation to Gensler / On-site Working Process


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