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Other Works

As a designer, I was borned in a family of art, and nurtured by various art form during my growth.

I started drawing since I was 3-year-old, started playing piano since 5-year-old, and started playing flute as well as joining a sympathy orchestra since 9-year-old. I also started singing since 16-year-old, and had my own singing partner since I was 18-year-old. Now I also consider myself as a Pop Singer. These experiences allow me to be capable of playing, sensing, enjoying and connecting the big world of art, which also inspires my journey as a designer. 

In my daily life, I like to observe people, because I find that people can naturally respond to the world in creative ways when they need to fulfill their needs. Those creative moments can lead to many special insights and remind me of the importance of "meeting people's needs", which is the essence of human-centered design. Thus, I have tried to observe and record the small ideas that happened in my daily life.

The following content shows some of my art pieces, attempts, and recordings during my growth as a designer. Thank you for visiting, and I hope you enjoy it!

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